Don’t want to read? Listen to it!

More and more non-Dutch speaking people want to order Thai food at Siam Kitchen. But understanding the menu is difficult if you cannot read Dutch. To serve the non-Dutch speaking people better, there is now a blue ‘Translate button’ in the top right corner of every web page of this Thai food site. The English translation is pretty good. Handy, right?

So if you stay in a hotel or a B&B near Rotterdam Airport and you want to order the best Thai food, choose your favorite from the menucards and place your order. Please order before 15.00. We deliver your menu of choice at your place. Free delivery. Enjoy your stay with the best Thai taste.

Take a look at the menu and translate it with the blue button in the top right corner. You can choose popular, vegetarian and spicy Thai dishes.

Greetings, Pornshita, Chef Siam Kitchen.